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Almost a year into the pandemic and many families are itching to make their getaway. Still, caution is key when traveling during the pandemic. The best advice to families is to abstain from traveling and try some fun alternatives. In any scenario, it will not be safe for a family to travel during the pandemic. If a family is set on making their getaway, though, here are some tips to help keep everyone safe.

Be open to new experiences. Families should not be planning based on tradition, not in these unprecedented times. Even if a family is used to staying in a hotel, communal pools, hallways, kitchens and lobbies aren’t ideal. Try an Airbnb if you’re looking for a safer way to travel. Airbnb hosts must go through stringent guidelines to be able to host, so any family can be sure that their rental is safe.

Rise early to avoid the crowds. It’s always nice to avoid the crowds, but now it’s more important than ever to stay safe. Since most tourists are on a vacation schedule, or, in more plain terms, waking up whenever they feel like it, getting up early can help you start a new day and beat any crowds that may show up later. If you’re visiting a museum, beach, shopping districts or any other tourist attractions, crowds tend to show later in the day. Any family will have a safer and more interesting time if they make the effort to wake early.

Keep an eye on current guidelines. The rules change every day as the pandemic continues to evolve. As you’re planning your trip, make sure to stay on top of rules so what you’re planning can happen and happen safely. If you’re leaving the country, pay close attention to traveling between countries. Borders close quickly and without warning, so make sure it’s worth the risk before you leave. Take into account quarantine periods for your return, as well. Some states and countries require a two-week quarantine before residents can get back into the swing of things.

Whatever you do on vacation, make sure you do it safely. Of course, the safest option is to stay home, but vacations can work, even during a pandemic.