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Dawn Emerick


While Dawn Emerick is not particular about where she goes, she hopes to continue to visit new parts of the world, both in the U.S. and abroad.

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With 30 years of experience in healthcare administration, Dawn Emerick takes the motto “work hard, play hard” to heart. Dawn’s philosophy is that life only happens one time, so it is important to make the most of it while you can. Due to her zest for life, Dawn is an avid traveler and enjoys seeking out new destinations. Although she frequently looks for locations that are picturesque or hold an adventure, she is content to visit tourist destinations, as well.

To Dawn, a fun trip is one where you need a vacation after your vacation. However, she is also happy to visit familiar places, such as the Oregon coast, where she spends much of her time off. While Dawn Emerick is not particular about where she goes, she hopes to continue to visit new parts of the world, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Even though Dawn is a fan of traveling and spending time recuperating from work, this is only because she works hard each day. As a consultant, Dawn is able to work with nonprofits and government organizations on public health and human services work. She has developed plans for managing respiratory diseases at a domestic violence shelter, helped to fund an outreach campaign for children’s Medicaid and commercial health care, and led the development of the first Children’s Health Symposium for the Jacksonville Children’s Commission. Dawn Emerick is passionate about many areas of public health and organizational well-being, but she primarily focuses on executive leadership, change management, organizational design, and community engagement. Although these are her areas of expertise, she prefers organizational and leadership development above all else.

Prior to her consulting career, Dawn worked at several healthcare organizations in high-level Director and C-suite executive positions. Dawn has helped these organizations handle financial budgeting, management over hundreds of employees, revision of policies and procedures, and liaising between the organizations and government offices.

Predating her career, Dawn Emerick received her B.S. in Health Education from Frostburg State University. She then earned her Master’s in Public Administration/Health Administration from the University of North Florida, before continuing at UNF and receiving her Doctorate of Educational Leadership/Health Communications. In 2018, she returned to school for an additional Master’s of Population Health Management from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, which she is currently working on.

In her personal life, aside from traveling, Dawn Emerick enjoys relaxing with a glass of wine or whiskey, watching sports, and having a lighthearted time with the people she cares for.